Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craigslist Ads

I keep scouring the local Craigslist ads hoping to find that one big haul like some other bloggers and collectors have been able to get for a reasonable price or even free.  Maybe the stars will align one day but today wasn't it.  Check out these:


Wow some great deals to be had, I don't know if I can pass these up!


  1. That last one would be a great deal for about a third of the price IF you could examine the lot first and see if they had any sixties or seventies high numbers.

    I think someone needs to draw a curve on the pricing of, say, 1989 Topps or 1990 Upper Deck for people and show them. Yikes!

  2. I've always been leery of any Craigslist ad. The first ad kinda made me laugh though, a little outrageous the request of $400 in my opinion.

  3. I was looking at some yesterday and a guy wanted $15 for a Score Matt Williams RC.

  4. That first one, the $400 for about 50 packs of cards? You can get a 36 count box of 90 Topps for about $15, and 36 count box of 91 Fleer for less than that. So, unless 4 packs of '89 Bowman is worth $375, I don't see this sale happening...