Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Couple 2011 Topps Lineage rack packs

On my way home from work I decided to pick up some of the newly released Topps Lineage. I had fully intended to pick up a blaster box of this product but saw the rack packs hanging there. I will say that I am no pack searcher but I was able to see that Cal Ripken was on the front of the first pack and Markakis was on the front of the next one!   How could I resist my 2 favorite players basically put on a silver platter for me? Why does Topps make these wrappers sooo easy to see through?

Anyways, I did get other cards out of the pack including this Zach Britton Rookies insert and his regular base card!  I did have some major Orioles-jo in these packs (at least in my opinion!).

I got 2 mini '75s which are pretty cool.  These 2 sluggers surprisingly haven't battered Orioles pitchers as the rest of the league has this year.

I got 2 Platinum Diamond parallels that I don't have much to say about either player:

And I was able to pull a Mini 1975 relic card:

Carlos Lee!  My lucky Astros mojo pack breaking streak continues!  It's not like these relics are too hard to pull since they are 1:10 rack packs.  I'm happy with it though.

I did enjoy this break and I could see a blaster in my near future.  The design of the cards might be a rejected Topps flagship design or leftover from Topps Total but the player selection is pretty solid.  It was refreshing to see Albert Belle on a card again and to see a new pose of George Sisler.  The card backs are a little disappointing but I don't think it would be appropriate to see just lines of stats on the back since it looks so close to regular Topps cards.  Overall, I like the set for what it is: a smaller Topps set with some new ideas and NO SHORTPRINTS!  I might build this one but we'll see.


  1. So... I can help with base if you end up needing to trade for some... I've got some extra... also, only because I like the mini relics, if you want to move that Lee, I'd be interested!

  2. No shortprints: there's a good point no one has brought up yet (or at least I haven't seen it).

    Too bad I don't like the look of the base set.