Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Breaks: 2011 Bowman Chrome and more

After kind of a crappy day at work I was finally able to get out of there and make it home.  When I got home my wife was waiting there with a birthday gift for me.  She bought me a hobby box of 2011 Bowman Chrome!  What a great gift since I'm working on the set.  Since I have a hard time leaving cards in their packs, I ripped everything immediately!  Here's the two highlight cards of the Chrome box:

This is not a gold refractor, its an Orange numbered 5/25.  I'm not sure if that is his jersey number or not but its still a sweet card.
It's like Deja Vu because I already got this card out of my box of Chrome that I bought.  But there is one difference!  This card is the refractor version of the autograph.  I really hope Jean turns out as a major league player because I now have 2 of his chrome autos.

Heres the insert cards I got out of the box:
Refractors: 86 S. Drew, 94 A Jackson, 197 Duda, 205 Espinosa, BCP191 Cain
2001 Throwbacks: 5 Taillon, 6 Myers, 7 Green
Diecuts: 5 Green, 12 Singleton,
Diecuts Refractors: 8 Allie
Bowman's Best Prospects: 56 Moore, 58 Colon

Also, when the mail finally came, there was a thick envelope from my in-laws among the other junk mail and birthday cards.  I opened it up and 2 packs of cards popped out!  1 pack of 2011 Topps series 2 and 1 pack of 2011 Topps Update.  Out of the Topps series 2 pack I pulled this card:

 Apparently my wife's pack picking mojo came from her mama!

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  1. Young wears #10...and I'm in serious LIKE with that card. Congrats.