Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Help, Blogger is acting up!

Has anyone else noticed Blogger having a mind of its own lately?

Here's my issue.  Night Owl recently announced his new 1985 Topps blog recently.  I went to his new blog and became a follower of it and a few other "set" blogs. I think everything is fine. Fast forward a few days and I go looking on my reading list and neither of my new blogs are appearing on my reading list.  The next day they show up on the reading list and the posts are showing up.   This morning, I look at my reading list and the blogs are all gone again.  I looked at a few of the blogs I originally followed and it still shows that I am following them in the Followers sidebar thingy. So what gives?  Is anybody else having the same issue?


  1. Ryan, there are times when I open up the dashboard and it says I'm not following any blogs. A quick refresh usually gets me back on track. The '85 blog is not on my list right now as well.

  2. Yes, this happens to me, too. I add blogs to follow and to my reading list, and then I go back and they aren't there. In fact, $30 a Week Habit is one of them. Since the address for that blog was changed, I've updated it. But blogger keeps wanting to go back to the old address and then tells me "this blog doesn't exist."

    But it's not just that blog. Any new blog I've added, has disappeared out of my dashboard the next day. I've added and re-added High Heat Stats and a few others only to have them disappear. I've stopped checking blogs from the reading list and just do it from my blog roll, as that's still functioning normally.

    (Another odd thing: sometimes when I call up my blog, the followers list shows an old list, from weeks ago, yet lists the correct # of followers. Then I'll call it up the next day and it's back to normal).

    So, yeah, there are issues.

  3. Same for me, it's been this way since Blogger interfaced with Google +. Here's some more info on it, with a few comments spread throughout from Blogger employees. They know of the problem, but obviously haven't figured it out yet.


  4. Have heard a lot of people complain about this issue lately, though I haven't experienced any such problem as yet. Wish your issues get resolved/fixed soon.