Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway: The Shipment

I've been pretty quiet this year about the Topps Diamond Giveaway.  While I thought that the idea was cool last year, I wasn't sure what to think of it this year with the addition of the rings, diamond diecuts, and diamond embedded cards.  I guess everything turned out ok for me last year as I got all my cards in decent shape except I had to wait longer for my 1972 Topps Jim Palmer.

Since I'm not planning on buying anymore 2011 Topps cards and I've entered all 37 of my code cards, I decided to get my cards shipped to me to avoid the last minute rush of collectors cashing out there portfolios.  Out of the 37 codes entered, I ended up with 8 cards being shipped to me. This was by design because the shipping charges are a little high so quality over quantity wins in my book this time. I traded away a lot of crap cards I had no interest in for cards that I really wanted.

The following cards are brought to you by the number 2 and the Baltimore Orioles:

2 horizontal Orioles cards that fill needs in my binders.  Topps didn't bother coloring Stone's A's uniform!
2 1967 Topps Orioles for the teams set.  Lau is 40 years ahead of his time with the douchey non-curved hat bill.
2 1969 Topps Orioles that I surprisingly hadn't found in any bargain bin before now.  Topps was lazy again with the photoshopping on Richert's jersey.  You can see the pinstripes and the end of the Senator's logo in the bottom right of the photo.
2 positions were played by Mark Reynolds this season: home run and strikeout. 3rd base and 1st base.  I have a soft spot for Reynolds since I own his 136th career homerun ball.
2 Diamond Diecuts that I was able to trade for:  I was offered Jones for the Ethier I redeemed and got Reynolds for the offer of Youkilis.  Do you think these were good trades or did I get fleeced?


  1. If you're happy with the trades, then you got a good deal.

  2. I always give away more if I can receive Orioles in return.

    And I always find that Peters-Stone card interesting since neither of them played in a single game for the O's.