Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trade with Jason of Hobb's Knights

Jason from the Hobb's Knights blog commented on a previous post of mine and said he had some of my set needs in exchange for some Lineage Orioles that I offered up.  After a flurry of emails, we had ballooned the trade into a much larger swap.  Here's the awesome cards he sent me:

Another new Ripken odd ball card that I didn't know existed!  Since I've started actively collecting oddball Ripkens, my little binder has filled almost to capacity.  There is no hope for expansion of this binder because it is one of those early 90s books that has like 12 pages in it.
Here's an interesting card for my Orioles team sets.  This one hails from 2001 Topps Gallery.  I can't seem to get enough of Topps Gallery because I'm starting to like the look of painted sets.  Well, all except National Chicle.  This painting of Brooksie actually looks like him!
Here's the pride and joy of the trade.  I know, it's not an Orioles card!  I liked 2010 Topps Chrome's design and the autographs look pretty sweet too.  It's too bad this one didn't scan worth a crap!  I figured I'd get in on the ground floor and have Starlin's plain jane autograph card before he really blows up big time in the next few years (as long as he learns to focus while in the field).

Thanks for the nice package of cards Jason!

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