Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trade with Matt of

There's a relatively new blog in town called  It's run by Matt who is a friend of Sam from the Daily Dimwit.  Matt contacted me about 2 weeks ago about some Orioles cards that he had for trade.  Matt said that Sam suggested that he try and trade with me since he has traded with me a couple times in the past.  I'm sure glad he did.  Matt sent me a really nice package of cards, so lets look at a few of the highlights:
Here's a nice looking Eddie Murray card from Lineage.  I'm still a little bit confused about the actual name of this parallel.  Are they just straight up "Refractors" or "Platinum Refractors"?
Well here's a card that I'm sure I know what it's called.  This is undoubtedly the purple refractor from Topps Chrome.  I'm a little puzzled why retail gets 3 different refractor parallels: purple, x-fractor, and orange.  Why don't they just do x-fractors and call it a day?
And here's a nice shot of Mark Reynolds playing baseball in the dark.  I remember as a kid playing t-ball in the backyard after it got dark and catching a batted ball with my face.  Also I've probably touched on this before but does Topps know that the Orioles have never worn Orange socks?  Do they know they can look up the official uniforms at Chris Creamer's Sports Logos page?  Do they even care that their photoshopping jobs really blow sometimes?

Thanks Matt for the great cards you sent.  Also thanks to Sam for sending Matt my way so I could get my hands on some new Orioles cardboard.

While proofreading this post, I noticed I asked a lot of questions that mostly only Topps could answer.  If anybody has any hilarious answers to the questions posed, please feel free to comment!

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  1. The rafractors are called Diamond Anniversary, while the sparklies are called Platinum Diamond. I have no explanation for this.

    I also recently traded with Matt. Great guy, but not new. His blog has been around for 10 years or so. I like the old school feel of it.