Thursday, December 6, 2012

"O" NO!'s 3rd Group Break: 2nd Team Randomization

The 15 slots in the upcoming break were claimed by 11 different people. Let's figure out who the unclaimed teams are going to.

I will randomize the list of teams that didn't get chosen along with the group breakers 3 times each and then match them up.

Here's the list of the 11 "breakers" randomized 3 times:

And the unclaimed teams randomized 3 times:

So the here's the list of breakers and their teams (selected and random)

                                 Selected                    Random(s)
Ryan H.                    Orioles                      Mets (traded from Padrographs)
Matt Perry                 Red Sox                   A's
Buckstore Cards       Blue Jays, Expos      Phillies, Diamondbacks
Chris Mays               Braves                      White Sox
GCRL                      Dodgers                    Indians
Toddfather                Rockies, Mariners    Brewers, Reds
Roy-Z                       Rangers, Astros       Royals (traded from Madding) , Marlins
madding                   Cardinals                  Angels (traded from Roy-Z)
NY Hitman              Yankees, Giants       Cubs, Rays
Padrographs             Padres                      Pirates (traded from Ryan H.)
Matt F.                     Twins                       Tigers

I will permit team trading. All trades must be completed before the 1st group of packs is busted. Most likely this will be on Saturday after dinner time. I must receive an email from both of the team trading parties or comments from both parties consenting to a trade in this post only.


  1. Putting the Angels up for trade.

    1. Shot in the dark, but any chance you'd rather have the Royals than the Angels?

      If not, the Royals are up for grabs for anyone else who might be interested.

    2. The shot hits. I'll take that trade, maybe wrassle up some baby-blue Beltrans.

  2. Putting the A's up for trade as well. GCRL or NYH, any interest in the A's for the Indians or Cubbies?