Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trade with Cliff of Capewood's Collections

I know this is a shock to the blogging community but this trade DOES NOT stem from my tradebait blowout I conducted earlier in the fall.  This is just a good old fashioned "I see a card I like and I'm going to make an offer for it" trade.  Cliff of Capewood's Collections opened a Fairfield repack and got a few Opening Day packs from this year.  Inside one of them was this card:
I had to have it since I haven't seen any of these around anywhere.  They're numbered to 2012 so why are they so dang rare?  I guess it's because Fairfield snatched all of the Opening Day packs from the shelves and hid them away in their repacks!
This card was on my most wanted list.  While constructing my wantlists I wondered what the "RR" stood for in the listing.  Now we all know that "RR" stands for Radar Rating.  I don't really remember Moose lighting up the radar gun, but he sure was a crafty son of a gun.  My memory could be wrong though! Either way, Mike Mussina 1996 Score #197 has been replaced on my top 10 list with a new entry to focus on.

Thanks Cliff for the quick and easy trade!

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