Friday, December 14, 2012

Trade with Roy of Plain Gray Swatch

Now that my 3rd Group Break is over and the packages have all been mailed, I'm going to continue with the tradebait closeout hauls that I've gotten over the last couple weeks.  I hope to have them all posted by Christmas and then take a little break until the new year.  This trade came to me from Roy of plain gray swatch.  He sent me several cards of particular interest:
 I'm not sure how I haven't acquired this card before.  This manupatch came out with 2011 Topps as far as I can remember.  Since Nick is one of my collecting focuses, it boggles my mind that I haven't picked it up before this trade.
 I really like the "Machine" theme used on this card.  Tejada was a good player his first go around with the Orioles, but man, he sure got old quick once he was traded to Houston.  Sorry about that Dimwit, but thank you for Troy Patton and Luke Scott.
 I love chromey looking Cal Ripken cards so this Mystery Finest gimmick card from 1998 Topps is right up my alley.  I believe the cards came with a black piece of plastic adhered to the front and you had to peel it off to reveal who you got.  I'm a peeler so all of the Topps finest cards from the mid 90s that are staying in my collection were peeled when I put them in my binders.
This card looks better in person. Skybox put out a lot of wonky sets in the late 90s/early 00s.  Skybox always makes me think of Skydome in Toronto whenever I look at one of the cards. I can only remember one Skybox product that I enjoyed at the time and still do.  Skybox Premium was a really nice looking set with full bleed photography, sturdy feeling card stock, and a glossy high end feel to them.  Almost reminds me of Stadium club.

Thanks Roy for the nice cards you sent me.  I really appreciate the trade!

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