Monday, November 12, 2012

Massive Tradebait Closeout: Part 1

I'm going to try and kickstart my trading since things have been a bit slow as of late.  I was sitting here in the mancave the other day just looking at all the cards I have up for trade and how I could get rid of the stuff just taking up space.  I decided to send most of it to COMC but I want to give the blogging community the first hack at claiming cards they want. I've had some of these cards for quite a long time and I think that its time to move them out of my collection and onto somebody that would appreciate them more than I do.

So here's the schtick:  I'm going to send everything that isn't traded or sold to my COMC account.  Most of these cards are relic or autograph cards but there is some serial numbered stuff in here too.  I'm giving the blogging community the first crack at everything.  Most of these cards aren't in high demand so I'm not looking for much in return since they are lower level relic cards or autographs.  There are some pieces that are posted that I value a little more highly though, however.  I'll listen to any trade offers you might have.  I'd love to knock off some cards from my wantlists including (but not limited to):

Orioles relic or autograph cards
Orioles cards from my various wantlists
Set fillers from my set wantlists
Any Topps base cards from 1974 thru 1980
Unopened packs of cards from 2012 Bowman Platinum, 2012 Topps Chrome, 2012 Bowman Chrome

I will also sell the cards to you a good price if you prefer to go that route.

Here's the first set of scans.  There will be 2 more sets popping up over the next few days so keep an eye out for those.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the cards pictured:


  1. I'm interested in the Helton and the Newman. I don't have much from the O's, but I do have a retired number patch of Cal Ripken from 2012 Topps. I'm sure I could find something else to even this up.

  2. I'll take the Delgado jersey, and possibly the Ryan Church auto. I have a Zach Britton manupatch...

  3. Hey Ryan! I am so interested in the Iguchi auto. When is our next trade on the SCF? I will get you a sweet O's auto for that one.

  4. i'm interested in the ramirez patch card and the santana auto...check out my cards @ have a chris ray auto, and maybe some others

    1. I could do the Chris Ray autograph card for the Santana. I didn't see much else I could use for the Ramirez patch card though.

  5. I'm interested in the Cardinals autos (Kinney and Mather). I'll send you an email with what I may have to send in return.

  6. I don't even have that many autos or patch cards in my whole collection!

  7. I'm interested in the Daniel McCutchen auto or any of the cardinals autos you don't send to madding.

  8. Interested in the Sean Henn.

    Have these

    05 ud milestone materials - Tejada
    05 ud all-star classics midsummer swatch - Sosa
    06 showcase stitches - Lopez
    09 ud game material - Mora
    10 ud signature sensations - Patton
    11 topps topps 60 game used material - Guerrero

    Lmk which you would like in trade.