Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Diary Part 2

      I've done a little thinking about my collection a lot lately.  I do need to downsize what I have.  I've decided to sell off all of my complete sets.  Topps 1981-present, Upper Deck 1989-2009, Bowman 1989-present, Allen & Ginter 2006-present along with a few other random sets I have.  They take up a lot of space (nearly 100 complete sets ) and I just don't look at them once they are complete.  I can't tell you the last time I pulled my 1988 Topps set off the shelf and cracked open the box and looked at the cards.  I can probably say that it hasn't been opened since it was completed!
    I've never understood why complete sets of baseball cards are "worth" less that what they are if you added up all the individual card "values".  For example: if you look on ebay for a Super Mario Brothers 3 game for NES you'll find a ton for sale.  Then you find that one copy that has the original box, manual, advertising inserts and maybe the original shrink wrap intact is going to sell for a premium price.  Why the premium price?  Because it's complete!  Why don't baseball card sets carry that premium? Somebody please explain this to me!
      I've already had a trade bait blow out which was overall a big success.  I cleared out some room in my tradebait boxes and more importantly  I acquired some really nice cards in return. But, I still have a nice sized pile to send to COMC.  That's ok by me because whatever I sell there, I can turn around and use the store credit to fund my habit to buy some cards I need.  I think I may do a massive last chance clearance before I seal the box and send it out just to see if there are anymore cards that people are interested in.

    I've also purged a bunch of cards from my overproduction era commons boxes.  I'm sitting on a mountain of 3200 count boxes of cards that just take up space.  I don't think I need 800 or so piles of 1988 Topps or 1991 Donruss sitting around in boxes.  I think the Children's Hospital or Goodwill might be a good place to take these cards unless somebody wants them on here.  They would only have to pay shipping or come pick them up.

So looking forward I won't be building sets anymore. I also think this will cut down on the amount of wax I open too.  This won't be a bad thing though.  I'll be able to buy more of the cards I need for my collections instead of cards to just "fill" sets.  I will still open packs and the occasional hobby box but nowhere near what I used to bust.  Hopefully this strategy will keep me from acquiring too much extra cardboard that I don't need.

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