Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trade with blog reader Shant

I was recently approached by a collector by the name of Shant who had some Orioles cards I needed and offered up a trade.  He sent me a pile of 2013 Topps Updates that I needed as well as a few other O's cards that were pretty cool.
I'm not the biggest Wei-Yin Chen fan out there but I couldn't resist this mini from last year's Gypsy Queen.  I actually look foward to Gypsy Queen each year since Topps has to get creative and come up with a new design.
Shant also sent this Manny Machado X-fractor from last year's Chrome offering.  It scanned a little weird but it's a pretty sweet addition to my Manny binder!
Last but not least, he included this gold bordered parallel from the Update set.  I've always liked the gold bordered parallels and the black bordered parallels, but the other colors are just too much. K.I.S.S. Topps!
 I hope Bud has found a way to get lefthanded hitters out over the winter.  Lefties had some lofty numbers against him in 2013!  Try a split-finger fastball Bud!

Thanks Shant for the nice cards that you sent!

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