Friday, December 3, 2010

Trade with Matt of A Giant Blog

I have really been pounding the pavement make trade offers and getting other offers from some of the readers of this blog. I contacted Matt of A Giant Blog about me sending him a whole bunch of Giants in exchange for some Orioles cards I need. Most of what I sent to Matt was newer stuff from 1986 to the present. All of the stuff he sent me back was older than 1988, some much older. Lets take a look:
I'm really liking all of these vintage gems. All of them are in great condition and each fill holes in my collection. An interesting note on the Steve Barber card. The cartoon on the back tells about how Steve pitched a one hitter versus Kansas City in 1960. The only hit was by the Orioles manager in 1966, Hank Bauer. What are the odds a no-hitter is broken up by player that one day becomes your boss!!??
The Brooks Robinson Checklist card from 1969 reminds me that I need to get more of him in my collection. But then I remember I'm not made of money!

These two 1981 Donruss cards complete my team set from the company's debut issue. Not great photos on the cards but I'll give the photographers a pass since it was the first set issued.

Matt also included an unopened pack of 1988 Donruss. It's a neat idea that I hadn't thought of before. Here are the best 3 cards from the pack:
It was harder to pick these 3 than you may think It was a pretty good pack because I also got Goose Gossage, Charlie Hough, Doug Drabek, and Dave Magadan. All were better than average players when they played. This was a stacked pack back in 1988.

Thanks Matt for the awesome vintage cards and helping me scratch that wax pack itch.

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  1. Thrill and Donnie Baseball in the same pack! That would have been a great one back in the day. I need to get the highlights of your shipment scanned and posted. Thanks for the trade!