Monday, December 20, 2010

Trade with Mike from BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet

I was checking out one of BA Benny's great posts not too long ago and stumbled on his wantlists. I especially focused on his 2010 Topps lists and was able to find a lot of great cards for him. He sent me a nice return package so let's check it out:

First and Foremost he sent me a few cards I needed for my 2009 Upper Deck and 2010 Topps Update sets. I am getting really close to finishing these off, so check my wantlists and see if you can help.

I am making a pretty big push to find Topps Gold cards of Orioles lately. I am having mixed results but am having fun chasing them down.

Shiny Markakis! A Blue Refractor from 2009 Topps Finest. I'm really digging this card!
I don't know if I congratulated Aubrey Huff on winning the World Series with the Giants this year but I really liked him as an Oriole. I wonder if the thong he wore during the W.S. is going to Cooperstown?

Here is another card of a former O that ended up in the NL West. He was in San Diego to end the season and has since joined Aubrey in San Fran. If their pitching holds up this year, they will have as good a shot as any to repeat.

Thanks for the Great Trade, Mike! Maybe we can do it again some time!

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  1. nice o's cards. i didnt notice that tejada is going to san fran. i also agree with u that huff was a great oriole