Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Delivery

The Million Card giveaway is over. Well, for me at least. From the get go of the redemption program I had no direction but soon figured out where to go: I was going to get Orioles cards I needed!
I recently requested delivery of my portfolio. I ended up with 14 cards in my portfolio, down from the 35 or so codes I redeemed. I ended up with so many crap cards I am surprised at what I got for them! I wanted to wait until I had finished opening packs of Series 1, 2 and Update Series so I could get all the cards shipped at once. I wheeled and dealed my way from those 35 codes down to 14 cards that fit into my collection. I have nearly every Topps base card from 2010 back through 1978 so my aim was to work on trading for Orioles cards from the early 70's and 60's. Here are 6 of the cards with the Triandos being my oldest and favorite of the group.
Not Pictured are: 1999 Brady Anderson, 1996 Mike Mussina, 1977 Mark Belanger, 1977 Andres Mora, 1977 Al Bumbry, 1976 Paul Mitchell, 1974 Earl Williams.
All of these cards are in pretty good condition which I am really happy about.

Now, one card was missing from my order. On the packing receipt it says that this card has been backordered. This card is by far the best card out of my 14 card bounty. Does anybody want to take a guess at what card it may be?

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