Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultimate Super Jumbo

My Fiancee took a trip to New York City last week with her Grandmother to take in a Broadway show and took a little bit of her time to do some shopping. The self-proclaimed "Frugalista" that she is ended up at a store called the "Odd Lot Outlet". I guess they just sell closeouts and overruns. Anyways they had a bin of baseball card packs so she actually dug through the entire thing to find 2 packs with Orioles on the Front. I didn't picture them here but both cards on the front were Brady Anderson's 1989 Fleer Rookie Card. Good eye babe! Most of the other cards in the packs were from the Over Production Era but there were some highlights. Here is a scan of the package:

And a bunch of the cards:
I would have been happy getting 1 card of an Oriole that I didn't already have. Jimmy Myers is as obscure and O as you can get but I needed it for my team sets nonetheless. Each Pack was guaranteed at least one Hall of Fame card. Well I obliterated the odds and pulled 4! Its like "Winning a Major Award!" (obscure A Christmas Story reference). Too bad I already have the Ripken. The Mitch Williams card has an interesting story attached to it. We were sitting on the couch the other night watching Hot Stove on MLBN and she wanted to know "Who is that Mitch Williams character? He couldn't have been a ballplayer, he's too fat!" When I opened the pack in front of her and showed the 1992 Triple Play card of his likeness, she exclaimed, "Nice Mullet, he looks better as a porker on TV!" I told her the camera adds 10 pounds!

Thanks babe for taking time on your trip to think of me and pick me out a winner(s) of a pack of cards.

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