Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Spring Training TTM Success(es) #2 (and #3)

I got these on Friday the 25th of February!

Koji is a good TTM signer. I got him on a custom I made about a year and a half a go that I also sent through the mail. Now I have 2 signed cards! I think that it's interesting that on all of the TTM stuff I have of his, he only signs his first name. All of his certified autos actually inserted in packs and what not, he signs his full name.

Mike Moustakas is probably the next big thing for the Royals. He might make the team out of Spring Training but the Royals might send him to triple-A for a month or two to keep his service time in the majors down. I had doubles of this card so I decided for the cost of time and 2 stamps it was worth the gamble. I'm really happy I did because the Autograph looks great!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully a few more Successes come back to me in the next few weeks!

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  1. Moustakas is an animal. I got to see him play with Omaha at the end of last season. Selfishly, I'm hoping he spends the first part of this season in Omaha so I can see him play some more.