Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orioles FanFest 2011 pt.3

I'm going to finish my experience at Orioles FanFest in this post, I promise! I'm going to show off the 8 x 10's that I had autographed. The first one I want to show is this one:

Nolan Reimold burst onto the Orioles scene in May of 2009. Due to his excellent play and a walk-off homer against Toronto late that month I started to take a liking to him. He played well for the O's for the rest of the season. Last year he kind of hit rock bottom. Hampered by the recovery from his achilles surgery in the off-season and some not so nice off the field issues he pretty much sucked and was demoted to Triple-A. He returned in September and hopefully he will stay with the big club for the rest of his career.

Brian Roberts was sitting right next to Nolan at the autograph station and he penned this nice autograph on my 8x10. He also handed me a business card with information about his new charity he started.
This Nick Markakis 8x10 is the crown jewel of the day for me. Nick is my favorite current player on the Orioles and I'm looking for him to have a big season this year. His normal numbers were there last year except the absence of homeruns. Opposing teams pitched around him last year so he rarely saw pitches that he could yank out of the park. I was pretty excited to meet him even though I was a bit starstruck and couldn't muster any words.

I also had this 8x10 of Chris Tillman signed. The black sharpie doesn't show up very well on this particular picture but it is easier to see in person. I had already met Chris last year at FanFest. If you are interested in reading about that experience check out one of my very first posts in the archive. Chris is still very much a prospect. He just hasn't gotten the extended period of time in the majors to figure it out.

All of these signed photos proudly join my rapidly growing collection of Orioles 8x10. They Cal, Brooks, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Boog Powell and Rick Dempsey.

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