Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surprise Package from Crinkly Wrappers

I was just thinking about Ted of Crinkly Wrappers the other day and I received a surprise package from him the next day. I don't get many surprise packages but I think that Ted accounts for most, if not all, of them! Lets get right to the goods.
These two cards really stand out to me because they are from 1954 Topps! Ted has been working on the set and we in bloggerville are along for the ride. '54 Topps is the pinnacle of Orioles cards because of course that was the first year they existed!
I really like the nice shiny Brooks Robinson from this years 2010 Topps Tribute. I never realized that Topps Tribute cards are as thick as they are. I've never held any Tribute in my hands before now because I refuse to pay over $5 a pack.
I have seen tons of the 2007 Ultra retail packs in the "Power Packs" box at Target but this is probably the first card from the hobby version. I didn't even know they had a hobby version of this product until I started doing a little more research.

I am now only one blue parallel away from the team set of 2010 Topps Opening Day Orioles. Yay for me! If anybody has the Adam Jones, let me know.

This David Crouthers card just strikes me funny because at FanFest this past weekend (last reference, I promise! Maybe..), some guy was walking around with an official (not replica) Crouthers Orioles jersey on. It was no way him, but it could have been his father! It could be this very jersey Dave is wearing on this card because it did have #70 on the back.

Thanks Ted for the nice package of surprise cards! I hope I can get something heading back your way real soon!

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