Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trade Bait

I'm going to post some cards here that may interest some of you guys (and gals). If you see anything you'd like, drop me an email! If you know someone who might be interested in any of these please point them to my blog, I'm always looking for new trade partners!

A couple of Angel relics and a couple Rangers too! The Upton Manu-patch is from this year's (2011) Topps. Sheets and Zobrist got cut off due to me jamming too many cards on the scanner!
Here's a few Autographs that aren't necessarily big name players but maybe for some of you team collectors out there, they mean more to you than they do me... For I was trying to get all of these cards onto the scanner so that's why the bottoms of the Humber and Fuld are cut off.

Here's a nice grouping of inserts. Two Yankee Stadium Legacies and couple of Topps Black Bordered Marlins. The Andre Dawson is an original back Reprint from this year's Topps and the Campy and Musial are also "would-be" Original backs from the Lost Cards from this year's Topps. I like the Matt Tolbert Black, it's just a nice action shot!

Make an offer, blog-o-sphere!


  1. I can use the Humber auto, the Dontrelle Willis, the 2 YSL's, and the Andre Dawson. I will do some digging and send you an offer.

  2. I'm emailing you about your manupatch D-Backs card.

  3. Can you please list who the autographs are? The scans are really small and I guess there's no way to blow them up.

  4. Thanks for the replies, gents. I've sent you all emails!