Monday, February 20, 2012

My Final 2012 Topps series 1 Purchase

I think this is my last purchase of series 1 for this year.  I've nearly got the whole set and I only ended up with one card I needed for the set out of the 72 in the hanger box.  I've got 10 of the Golden Giveaway Code cards that I'm going to stash away for now.  Well, at least until series 2 comes out and the Markakis gold 1/1 becomes available for redemption.  It's a complete longshot to redeem that one card but you gotta increase your chances any way you can!
I know I've spent less on series 1 this year than I did the last 2 years.  I've bought 1 hobby box, 2 hanger packs, 1 jumbo rack pack, and 3 retail packs.  So overall I've spent about 85 or 90 bucks on series 1.  Not too bad I don't guess.
Overall, I've noticed many of the bloggers have spent less on Series 1 this year and have said so in their respective posts.  If you have spent less this year than years past, leave a comment below stating why you have chosen to spend less.  Is it the design, too many inserts, too little cash or another factor?

So onto the cards I got from my last hanger:

I think the Gold Standard cards are the best inserts from series one because of the gold stamped medallion.  I'll admit they aren't perfect because of the blank space under the medallion but I'm willing to forgive that fact.
I can't seem to get away from Yankees cards lately.  I think the Gold Parallels have grown on me a little bit as I like them more now than I did when the product first dropped so long ago. 
Here's my 2 Target exclusive red borders. I wish they were a little more red though.  They look more maroon to me.
 I was pleasantly surprised to pull a relic from a hanger pack because they are a 1:18 packs pull.  See what I mean about the Yankees cards though?  This is my second Cano relic from the same Target in less than a year (I got a mini framed GQ relic last spring).  Does Robinson's mother shop at my Target?

All of these cards are for trade.  If you see something you can't live without, gimme a shout.


  1. I've picked up less series 1 this year but it's not because of the set itself. It's more just trying to control the spending. I always go way overboard on series 1 and am usually left with a bunch of it that I either give away to bloggers of the local shop.

    I'd also like to trade for any of the parallels you have from series 1, be they blue, red or gold.

  2. i'm keeping spending down also. but its easy for me to pass bcuz topps 2012 design is boring. too much fools gold, and too many uninspired inserts. imo :P

  3. Please hold that red Kimbrel for me.

    I'm keeping spending down b/c I know that the money I spent on cards last year was a little irresponsible when I should be putting it in other places.

    I'm done with series 1, waiting on opening day now. Think I might pre-order a hobby box of that.

  4. I'm definitely buying less this year and working harder to complete the set through trades. There's some nice inserts but to try and chase specific subsets through blaster after hanger after blaster seems too futile.

    I'm also saving funds for Gypsy Queen!

    Ryan, I'm definitely interested in the Cano relic and Gold Granderson above!

  5. I am trying to spend less money as the retail scene does not provide many "hit" opportunities. I am growing weary of all the inserts, subsets, parallels, numbered, un-numbered, colored this way, bordered that way, etc... but mainly, I'm trying to finish off some of the sets from the last few years as well. And I'm not to thrilled with the "gold" I think the diamond parallels from last year look way better than this year's gold version. I am trying to collect the team sets for my PCs but that's about it. I too am waiting for Opening Day and plan on buying a box of that from my LCS. and I'm buying a box of Big Bang Theory from my Comic shop as well. I've told the Missus that I'm not going to buy as many packs of "new" stuff, concentrating on the discount packs at my Target instead.
    Those Supreme Greens are cool but I really like the Supreme Blue version better. I'm a little over half way thru that set, and it's one of the ones I'm trying to finish.

  6. So far, just one blaster and one "hanger" pack. I usually don't buy a lot when product first hits the shelves. I can wait til August for the price drop and not feel like I'm being hosed.