Friday, February 24, 2012

Trade with Kevin of Bonus Cantos

I was looking over some other bloggers blogrolls fairly recently and found a blog I hadn't heard of before.  It's a blog called Bonus Cantos and its run by a gentleman by the name of Kevin.  I looked over his 2012 Topps pack and box breaks and found a couple cards I was interested in.  I sent him and email and a trade was born.
He (read: I) was lucky enough to pull 2 gold parallels of Orioles from his packs.  I enjoy this parallel set every year.  It's pretty easy to build the regular base team set but the golds seem to add a little more challenge. 

I have several more pending arrival at my residence but I am still in need of these Golden Sparkly Parallels: 22 Alfredo Simon, 121 Josh Bell, 125 Adam Jones, 176 Nolan Reimold, 218 Kyle Hudson, 326 Kevin Gregg.  Anybody have any of these they'd like to trade me?

Kevin also sent along this Gold Standard of Frank Robinson.  Yep, I still like the Gold Standards.  Frank Robinson: response hazy, ask again later.

Thanks for the trade Kevin!


  1. glad i could help! my grandparents lived just outside of baltimore, so during the summer i could often get to a few O's games (especially at the old Memorial Stadium) - so i have a soft spot for the O's and their fans! enjoy...

  2. I recently pulled this.