Saturday, February 25, 2012

There's Gold in Them There Packs...

...But no autographs.  I got my redemption pack of Gold Rush redemption cards yesterday.  I think the cards look great.  Nice thick card stock and pretty decent design. (I apologize for the bad scans but somehow dog hair gets on the scanner bed even though its closed 99.999999999 percent of the time.)  But I'm a little puzzled at the player selection.  
Why does Salvador Perez get a card for playing 39 major league games?
 Chapman throws really hard but he has no idea where it's going.  Look out in the on-deck circle!
 I understand why Edgar got a card.  One of the greatest DH's of our time.
 Yeah, Ian Kinsler.  I get it, he's one of the better young players right now.
Miggy Cabrera. Yeah another great player.  He deserves to be here.

I did a quick search of ebay and there are no Orioles in the set.  No Ripken, Murray, Palmer, Robinson, Markakis, Jones, or Hudson.  Hudson, yes, Kyle Hudson.  He deserves to be in the set because he scored the tying run in the Orioles last game of the 2011 season.  If Salvador Perez can get in the set, why no Orioles?  WTF TOPPS?


  1. Thats unbelievably sad. With the fantastic legacy of players the Orioles have it's a shame they got shut out of this set. The Jays did too but that's almost to be expected.

  2. I'm thinking Series 2 will feature Ripken, Robinson (both), Murray and probably Oil Can Boyd. Why not? Cause Salvador Perez got in there.

  3. If that Kins is for trade let me know.