Thursday, November 25, 2010

Check out my Check Out My Cards Bounty

I think this is an appropriate Thanksgiving Post. Today we give thanks for the bountiful lives we live here in the good ole USA. As we get over our tryptophan induced haze and pumpkin pie tummy aches, feast your eyes on the bounty of cards I got from . I was able to get a free processing coupon at their table at the National back in August. I sent in a bunch of cards I didn't want and turned some of the profits into cards I wanted:

First and Foremost I was able to buy 90, yes 90 new Cal Ripken cards I didn't have before. Here are just a few. Many will get their own chance to shine in their own posts sometime in the future.
A few mid-70's cards of Orioles HOF'ers I was able to get on the cheap. These cards are in great shape and I got them for basically a song!

This Nick Markakis card is one of a Rainbow I am working on. This particular rainbow is particularly frustrating because I am having a heck of a time tracking down a a Black Version #'d to 59 and the Target Throwback editions of the card. I can't find them anywhere on the Webernet.

This Steady Eddie may as well serve as my capstone card on my 2008 UD Masterpieces set. What more can be said about this set other than it looks great in a binder!
Why Andrew McCutchen? I think he is a dynamite player and I am still plugging along on my 09 Topps 206 set. I still need a few more Shortprints and a good bunch of the Piedmont minis. Any help on these sets would be much appreciated.

So that is just a little sampling of the great cards that I was able to purchase with store credit at . I highly recommend this site for anybody interested in selling cards or just looking for cards of their favorite player. If anybody would like to look at what I have for sale, search for seller ryanhughes12.

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  1. Nice haul! Love the Markakis Topps gold card. I've got some COMC arriving this week as well.