Friday, November 12, 2010

Recent eBay Pickup #5

This is going to be a combined post of some of the great cards I was able to grab on eBay recently. I sold some things I didn't want any more and turned them into some great things that I do collect. Without further ado:

2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Nick Markakis Rookie Autograph. I have been looking for this cornerstone Nick Markakis card for quite awhile at the right price and I was finally able to get it. I was able to snatch this one up for $25 Delivered. My Nick the Stick personal Collection has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months!

1966 Topps Jim Palmer Rookie. I was able to grab this card up for about $35 dollars delivered. I have also been looking for this card for a while. The particular card is not in Mint condition but it's more like EX-Mint. Either way, I picked up a rookie card of a Hall of Famer from my favorite team. Out of all the Oriole HOF'ers I am only missing Brooks Robinson's Rookie card.... One of these days, One of these days!
Like I have alluded to in previous posts, I have been actively adding to my Cal Ripken Jr. collection. I was able to scarf up a lot of 15 "Premium" inserts for the low, low price of $15. I haven't added up the book value on them but in my estimation, it would probably be in excess of 150 bucks. More importantly I was able to get some of the tougher inserts that have escaped my collection until now.

That's all I have for now, I'm back to eBay searching for my next big steal


  1. Love the Palmer. Don't forget to search Check Out My Cards .com for some stuff. I have found tons of cool cards there... cheap!

  2. I know check out my cards. Stay tuned I have a shipment coming in a post or two about the haul!