Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trade with the Daily Dimwit pt.2: Game Used Edition

Samuel and I have traded twice in the past month. He is the first trader on the blogs that I have been able to dump some Astros cards on. If you look back on my last few box breaks you can see why this is a good thing for Sam because it seems like I have some major Astros-jo going on. Anyways, on to the spoils:
2008 Upper Deck X Materials Jeremy Guthrie. This is my favorite (also only) Jeremy Guthrie Game used card I own. "Guts" as he has been nicknamed has been a lone constant in the Orioles rotation for the last 4 seasons now. The Elder Statesman if you will. I'm glad he had a bounce back season. He does a lot of charity work in Baltimore and he even signed a card TTM for me earlier this year!
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Box Score Memories Materials Melvin Mora. I can't say that I was a giant fan of Melvin while he was in Baltimore but he was a solid player for the O's for a long time and will by my estimation be enshrined in the Orioles Hall of Fame some day.
2006 Upper Deck Game Materials Corey Patterson. This is a really disfunctional Card if I ever saw one. We have an Orange and Black color scheme to the card, Corey wearing Cubs pinstripes, a blue pinstripe jersey swatch and the Orioles listed as his team. They can't all be winners but this is my first Patterson relic card.

Thanks again Sam, if I continue on my Astros hot streak I'll be sure to let you know!

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