Saturday, November 6, 2010

OH NO!!!'s Poor Vintage Collection #1

The cards that are featured in this recurring theme were found by my father strewn about the floor of an abandoned farm building near my childhood home. There were approximately 1000 cards that laid undisturbed from the late 60's to early 90's when he discovered them. Most are in poor condition because exposure to the elements. He recently gave them to me and I will feature them here on my blog.
1962 Topps #394 Hank Aaron Sporting News All Star

Welcome to the first post of my new feature OH No!!!'s Poor Vintage Collection. I am really, really excited to show some of the cards that I am going to show off in this recurring theme. I chose the name as an indication on the condition of the cards.
This card is especially funny because the front is so badly faded but the back isn't faded nearly at all. Hammerin' Hank must have been sitting in directly in the sun face up for the duration of its stay in the old farm building. It really does make me sad to see the condition of this card, because it doesn't show the classic Braves uniform in all it's glory. It almost reminds me of even older cards that were black and white photos.


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  2. The front of that Aaron reminds me of the early years of my local card shop when they put cheap commons in the windows as the blinds. Exposure to the elements and or direct sunlight = very very poor conditioned cards. :(