Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trade with Jack of All Tribe Baseball

Jack (better known as Baseball Dad) saw my plea for help  few weeks ago for some help on my '09 O-Pee-Chee set and contacted me with a list of some cards that would help fill out my set.  I was very happy to get such a huge stack of cards this late in the game.  I sit only 28 cards away from completion.  I think there are some really cool photography in the set that gets over looked for some reason.  There are also a lot of the standard baseball pose shots too.  Not a knock on Jack or his cards, but there were a ton of the lame-ass baseball pose shots in the stack he sent.  I think that might be why I'm not into Topps Heritage that much other than buying a few sample packs.  Too many posed, hat-less cards.  Baseball players wear hats.  Anyways, Baseball Dad did send 2 other Orioles cards I wasn't expecting.

I'm really digging this card.  While the purple borders don't match anybody's uniforms but the Rockies, this is still a sweet card.  The scan makes it look black but I assure you its purple By looking at the uniforms the O's are wearing, they look like throwbacks.  Ask me what day or game they wore them last year, and you get a big "I don't know"!

B.D. also was able to find a Cal Ripken card I didn't have, which I keep saying is a rarity these days.  Anyways, I think this card is the black un-numbered retail parallel from '08 Baseball Heroes.  With Cal appearing on 3 different cards in the base set, that means he quite possibly have eleventy billion parallels to chase down.

Thanks for the great cards Jack!


  1. You are more than welcome !
    You are also right about the Baseball Heroes parallels. What a crazy set ! Nice looking cards though.

  2. Always liked the black un-numbered. They look like granite.