Friday, September 21, 2012

My Mystery Frank Thomas Card

I was going through my trade bait box the other night and I ran across this card that I bought at a card show either late last year or earlier this spring.  I meant to post about it but I think that I just stashed it away before it got scanned.

Anyways, you can see it's a Frank Thomas card from 1993 Leaf.  Since THE BIG HURT was the bees knees 20 years ago he got his own insert set.  I even believe that he was the coverboy for the packaging of the product too.  I'm a fan of 1993 Leaf and Frank Thomas but those are posts for another day.

As you can see, there is some writing on the card.  As a matter of fact, it looks to be Frank's signature.  I did some research on 1993 Leaf and while Frank did officially sign some cards for the set, I don't believe that this is one of them according to my crack research team.  I can tell by looking at the writing at an angle that it s definitely not printed on the card so that's definitely not the case.

So, I like to dream that this card was signed in person by Frank Thomas himself and not some s-head dealer or kid scribbling on some baseball cards.  It looks pretty close to his signature from the examples I've seen.   I distinctly remember paying only a dime for this card, so you can imagine that  I have some doubts about the authenticity.

So what do you think, is it real or not?  Weigh in blogosphere.


  1. It may be worth getting authenticated. If real, that is a steal of a deal.

  2. 100% legit, though it's an aftermarket signature, not pack inserted. They may have been signed when Frank was under contract with Score Board, and may have been sold via the Home Shopping Network.