Monday, September 17, 2012

Trade with Robert of $30 A Week Habit

I posted the results of my 2012 Topps series 2 hobby box one day last week and within a few hours my "crazy", old trading buddy Robert from $30 a Week Habit contacted me with some cards I needed to complete the set.  I'm only down to just a few cards left for series 2 and I can put this set to rest until Update comes out in about a month.

Here's the numbers I still need for series 2: 360, 438, 475, 574, 581, 584, 585, 603, 644, 647.  Can you help me out?  Also do me a favor and check out my other wantlists above to see if you can help me out with any of my other needs.

Robert also put 2 Orioles minis from Gyspy Queen in the package.  Both JJ Hardy and Mark Reynolds have been crushing the ball lately after both were in nearly season long slumps.  I'm glad their bats are waking up at the right time of year!  The Hardy is a normal mini and the Reynolds is one of the exclusive minis that only come in hobby boxes (I think).

Thanks Robert for the quick and easy trade.  The help on my set and the minis are much appreciated.

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  1. My pleasure Ryan, glad I could get you closer to the set!