Friday, September 28, 2012

"O" NO's 1st group break: 2nd Team Randomization

There were 14 different spots in the upcoming break that were bought by 11 different people.  I appreciate the quick payment by everyone!  Here's the info if anyone missed it HERE.

I will randomize the list of teams that didn't get chosen along with the 11 group breakers 3 times each and then match them up.

Here's the list of the 11 "breakers" randomized 3 times:

And the remaining teams:

So the here's the list of breakers and their teams (selected and random)

                    Selected                 Random(s)
Ryan H.       Orioles                   Tigers
NY Hitman  Yankees, Pirates     Marlins, Giants
Douglas C.   Blue Jays, Mets      A's, Cardinals
Tom T.         Angels                    Royals
Jeroen B.      Braves                   Twins
GCRL          Dodgers                 Reds
Ross M.       Mariners                 Phillies
Rod R.         Padres                   Astros
Matt P.        Red Sox                White Sox
Roy W.        Rangers, Expos     Cubs, Rockies
Jack H.        Indians                   Brewers

I will permit team trading.  All trades must be completed before the 1st group of packs is busted.  Most likely this will be on Monday evening after dinner time (if the mailman holds up his end of the bargain).  I must receive an email from both of the team trading parties or comments from both parties consenting to a trade in this post only.


  1. I'll trade the Cubs for someone. Just don't want that loser-ju ju to mess with my hits!

  2. Roy-Z I will trade you the Astros for the Cubs