Thursday, October 25, 2012

"O" NO!'s 2nd Group Break: 2nd Team Randomization

There were 15 spots in the upcoming break that were claimed by 10 different people.  So now we need to figure out who the unclaimed teams are going to.

I will randomize the list of teams that didn't get chosen along with the 10 group breakers 3 times each and then match them up.

Here's the list of the 11 "breakers" randomized 3 times:

And the unclaimed teams randomized 3 times:

So the here's the list of breakers and their teams (selected and random)

                              Selected                     Random(s)
Ryan H.                 Orioles                       Cubs
Community Gum   White Sox, Padres     Marlins, Astros
Buckstore Cards     Blue Jays, Expos      Royals, Brewers
Chris Mays             Braves                       Mets
GCRL                    Dodgers                     Pirates
dawgbones             Phillies, Yankees       Red Sox, Twins
Roy-Z                     Rangers, Mariners     Tigers, Diamondbacks
madding                  Cardinals                   Angels
Tim Byrd                Rockies                      Giants
Jack H.                    Indians, Reds             Rays, A's

I will permit team trading.  All trades must be completed before the 1st group of packs is busted.  Most likely this will be on Monday evening after dinner time. This weekend is going to be somewhat busy but I might be stuck inside on Sunday with Sandy moving up the coast.   I must receive an email from both of the team trading parties or comments from both parties consenting to a trade in this post only.


  1. Anybody interested in the Angels? Madding for the D-Backs? Roy-Z for the Twins?

  2. I'll swap the D-Backs for the Angels.

  3. I wasn't able to get into this break so Tim if you end up keeping the Giants, I would love to work out a trade for whatever you score.

  4. I'll swap Diamondbacks for me Rich. (via this profile)

  5. Since Richard offered up the Angels for the Diamondbacks and madding accepted, the trade goes thru if no one voices an objection.

  6. And I'll take the twins for the D-backs as well. A veritable double-switcharoo

  7. Richard has also swapped the Diamondbacks to Roy for the Twins. The trade completes if now one objects.