Monday, July 25, 2011

Curiosity Killed the Cat

I should have known better.  I saw some 2011 Bowman Platinum cards hitting eBay so I thought I'd hit Target on the way home and maybe by chance they'd have some packs and blasters.  No luck today.  Somebody really straightened up the card section and there was nothing even remotely interesting on the shelves... Piles of series 1 and series 2 though.  Even the Power Packs reduced price box was gone.  But I did something stupid though.  I bought one of those 3 packs plus a GU card 9.99 deals.  You know, for science.  Here's the resulting carnage:

1 pack of 2007 "Fleer" Ultra 5 card pack (haven't seen one of these in a while!!!):

Conor Jackson, Lance Berkman, Carl Crawfish, Freddy Sanchez and

Jesus Flores Rookie Shortprint!

1 pack of 2007 Upper Deck (only 5 cards, like the Dollar Tree version packs!):

Jose Valverde, Moises Alou, Jason Bay, Ryan Franklin and Jeff Baker Ticket to Stardom Insert

1 pack of 2003 Upper Deck Victory.  I was initially a little happy to see this pack since it was something different.  Then I opened it and realized that it was the year they made a "card game" and was let down again:

Mike Sweeney, Ben Sheets, Barry Zito, Sammy Sosa, Junior Spivey green border (don't get excited, 1:1 packs) and a

Jim Thome Clutch Players insert (1:5 packs)

And the moment we've been waiting for, the GU card:

2006 Topps Update Jermaine Dye Workout Jersey Card.

It has 4 dinged corners and obviously has been well loved.  I don't love it though.

Hide your kids, Hide your wife, and Hide your husbands too.

Stay far away people, I open this crap so you don't have to.


  1. A cheap dollar store (?) near me was selling Victory cards. Cheap as hell cards. The thinnest I have ever seen.

  2. I have been seeing these repacks at my local Target. I have been tempted to buy one but, thanks for buying one and showing me its not worth it. You did the blog world a favor.