Monday, July 11, 2011

Trade with David the Rhubarb Runner

David (AKA Rhubarb Runner) of the famed "e rayhahn, rayhahn" blog and I just recently completed a trade. I sent him a bunch of Twins he needed and he sent along some really nice Orioles in return. Lets get right into the goods:

By the way that Vladimir Guererro is swinging these days, its only appropriate that I get a card of another creaky kneed DH in Harold Baines. The only thing is that Harold actually could still hit for some decent power in his 3 stints with the Orioles. Meanwhile Vlad Guerrero seems to be done with his career on life support.
The runner of rhubarb found several cards from my set want lists. I am slowly buy surely knocking out cards from the Goudey sets and O-Pee-Chee. I thought this card of Jake Peavy is an interesting card showing him getting ready to round 3rd Base. Also I like the Santana card with the cityscape in the back. I really hope he can bounce back from injuries because I enjoyed watching him pitch.
Apparently either David has a great amount of Vintage cards laying around or he did some shopping for me at his LCS. I was able to add the Orioles Team card from 1973 Topps to my collection. I only need Dave McNally to finish out the team set.
I didn't used to like 1966 Topps that much but it has grown on me over time as much as any set has from yesteryear. I'm happy to add these two semi stars to my team set. I'm really getting close to completing some vintage team sets so I'm getting pretty excited about that.
And this wouldn't be a true post if I didn't show an obscure card of an obscure player for the O's. Looking over Juan's stats as an Oriole, they look pretty crappy. At least when we traded him to Cincinnati, we got BJ Ryan in return and he was good for us for a few years.

Thanks David for the nice trade. I look forward to trading with you again in the future.

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