Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trade with Ryan of The Great Orioles Autograph Project

I think this is my last Orioles FanFest related post, at least for this year.  In the weeks leading up to the big day, I had been in contact with Ryan of the Great Orioles Autograph Project about meeting up and swapping some cards.  He indicated that he didn't buy many 2011 cards and didn't have many Orioles from those products.  I happened to have a fair amount of doubles I was able to pass along to him and he gave me around 1500 Orioles and Oriole related cards.  I had great fun sorting through all of the minor league cards, oddball issues and cards of Orioles players in different uniforms.  I was able to use a fair amount of them for my various O's related projects and binders.  Here's just a few of my favorites that went into my PC binders from the lot:
I like this card for obvious reasons but it was Topps's first real insert card.  I always liked the Black Gold cards but never was able to get a Brady.
I just recently started collecting Koji more closely since we both have Japanese heritage (him more than me!)  The 1960 Topps design is one of my favorites of all time and when Topps Chromed them, I think they just look fantastic.
Here's a diecut Mike Mussina from Pacific's Crown Royale.  I still haven't figured out why its called "Crown Royale. LOL.  It really is a neat card though with the holographic foil in between the crown's "limbs".
Here is a card that I have been searching for for about 19 years now.  This card used the be the shiznit and I dreamed about owning one when I was a 10 year old little chap.  I think it used to book for about 100 dollars at that point so it was no way I could afford it.  I remember getting the factory set of Collector's Choice for Christmas or my Birthday in 1994 and it came with 3 gold signature cards.  I ripped off the factory seal and was quickly disappointed by 3 gold signatures of scrubs.  So I guess I'm thrilled to end a 19 year search for one of my dream cards. Thanks Ryan for making a dream come true!  Also, thanks for all of the other cards you gave to me.

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  1. Very glad that you found some cards you needed, and I'm happy to end your search for that Cal card! I hope we can trade again soon!