Thursday, May 6, 2010

1993 Upper Deck Brady Anderson

This card has always been a favorite of mine. This is a great action shot captured by an Upper Deck photographer just as the company was coming into its own. I even think that this card was featured on the packaging of the factory set if I'm not mistaken. What are the chances of an opposing player hitting a homerun near the Orioles logo while having a photograhper present? Maybe better odds than me winning the 266 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday (I actually won $3 with the numbers 21 (Markakis) and the MoneyBall 8 (Ripken)). Still, I haven't been able to discern which ballpark this photo was taken in after all these years. Obviously it is not Memorial Stadium or Oriole Park at Camden Yards because Brady is donning his road grays. My guess is maybe it was taken in the Angel's ballpark because of the red seats and the blue walls and the close proximity to Carlsbad, California where UD is located. Anybody have any ideas?


  1. It looks a lot like Anaheim. They had the red seats and they had the team logos on the wall.

  2. i am pretty sure it's anaheim. before the renovations. you can see that the empty seats aren't oriented properly for baseball since those would be the football seats that weren't used during baseball games.