Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Bowman box break #2

Here is the second hobby box of 2010 Bowman Baseball as I promised:

Jason Heyward Rookie! I was pretty excited to get a true Heyward rookie card. Looks like he's the favorite for the NL ROY at this point in the season.

Dustin Ackley Chrome Refractor #'d 117/777. This guy led college hitters last spring with a .417 Batting average. Wow. Nice looking card but it didn't scan so well.

Joey Votto Blue Parallel #'d 263/520. Nice action shot of one of the Reds young guns.

Josh Donaldson Chrome refractor autograph #'d 162/500. This card might be a case hit. I'm not sure though. He has a very nice autograph that you can at least make out some of the letters.

Caleb Joseph Bowman Chrome Prospect. I chose this one for a few reasons. 1. He is an Orioles Prospect, duh. 2. He seems to be a student of the game and really enjoys coming to the park on a daily basis. Sometimes he doesn't leave and stays in the clubhouse overnight!. 2. As you can see this box yielded 39 off-center Chromes. Geez Topps. This box was off-center left to right. I can expect this from cards from the 70s and 80s but not these days. I will be giving them a call Monday morning for sure.

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