Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check out my set wantlists

I was looking over other peoples set wantlists today and realized that I am very close to completing some of my sets. I have completed over 80 sets during my collecting "career". I guess its the completionist/OCD part of me. Anyways here are some of the cards that I really want to get ahold of:

1993 Donruss #428 Jeff Bagwell
I've always liked Jeff as a ballplayer. I wonder if he will make the Hall of Fame? I wonder who has this card for me?

2008 Bowman Draft Picks #BDP21 Micah Hoffpauir
Don't know much about this guy. I want this card! Just don't need it with an autograph on it.

2006 Bowman Draft Picks Future's Game Prospects #26 Chin Lung Hu
I already have the card above which is the gold version. I need the regular vanilla Bowman issue.

These are just a few of my wants. Check the link to my wants for a complete list of cards I need.

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