Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trade with reader Dustin

I recently got a 'hole heaping package of cards from one of my blog readers, Dustin. There were so many awesome cards, it was hard to pick a few out to showcase here on the blog. Here are a few of the gems he sent:

1994 Score Brady Anderson. Card companies loved this guy. He always seemed to be doing something on the ball field interesting and photographers were right there to snap pics of him doing them.

2002 Topps Total Brian Roberts. I'm convinced that the O's are probably not going to see this guy back on the diamond this year. As the O's season was lost way back during the second week in April, it is no rush for him to rush a return and hurt himself even worse. I wish he would go ahead and have back surgery and get ready for next season.

1975 Topps Dave McNally. This is a groovy card from a groovy set from a groovy era. No cards scream retro more than 1975 Topps. Since I am featuring this card, I noticed that I have not featured many cards from my vintage O's Collection here on my blog. Maybe I can come up with an idea to showcase some of them.

A big thanks to Dustin again for the wonderful trade package. Go O's!

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