Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Box Break": 2008 Upper Deck Goudey

Well this is a "quasi" box break of 2008 Goudey. The "Diet Coke" of box breaks (just one calorie!). Due to a SNAFU at the internet company where I bought my 2007 Goudey hobby box and forthcoming 2009 Goudey hobby box, I was refunded my money for the 08 hobby box. I was told they were sold out when I placed the order. So being the impatient collector that I am, I basically took the money that was refunded to me and went to my local Dollar General Store and bought 24 packs (the same amount of packs in a sealed retail box but reatailing for about 20 bucks more) of the 08 Goudeys. In hindsight I should have just shopped around the internet a little more and found another Hobby Box.

So now I feel kind of stupid by basically wasting 20 bucks and not ending up with much more than a chunk of the base set and a couple of Shortprints.

Shortprints: 208 Ryan, 213, Molitor, 214 Yount, 226, Gwynn, 227 McCovey, 232 Thomas Jefferson, 239 Grover Cleveland, 246 James K. Polk, 255 Utley, 270 Guerrero, 279 Cynthia Cooper, 279 Cynthia Cooper (Yep a double shortprint!), 294 Josh Beckett, 327 Terry Bradshaw

Red Back: 6 Scherzer, 43 Dye, 85 Towles, 87 Hochevar, 98 A. Jones, 113 Perkins, 137 Catfish Hunter, 146 Bay, 165 Ichiro, 279 Cynthia Cooper (AGAIN!)

Blue Back: 30 Youkilis, 104 Fielder, 160 Cain

I guess the only thing "good" I got out of these packs was this numbered parallel of James Monroe:

I also won a nice lot of 08 goudeys from ebay and ended up with these Parade of Champions cards:
Woot! I got my first LeBron and Tom Brady cards. Oh yeah and the Rocket. 3 of my least favorite athletes of all time. Please for the love of God, somebody make a trade offer for them.

So there you have it, a "box break" of 08 Goudey. Maybe since I did so well with my 07 box, fate is kicking me in the ass right here. Why do I continually fall into the retail trap?

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  1. BEAUTIFUL Spy who shagged me reference.

    Scott: [both are the Jerry Springer show] How could you do this to me? On national television!
    Dr. Evil: Well throw me a freakin' bone here, Scott.
    Scott: Why did you run out on me?
    Dr. Evil: Because you're not quite evil enough.
    [audience boos]
    Dr. Evil: Well it's true! It's true! You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.

    I love love love that scene, and espically Dr. Evil saying "I got your hood, I got your hood"!