Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trade with Beardy from The Mojo Beard

A short while back Beardy posted a box break of 2007 UD Masterpieces. One of his featured hits was this Cal Ripken Captured on Canvas GU jersey card. Since he already had one, he made it available for trade. I quickly sent an email, and before I knew it we were talking trade! I sent him a pretty good size stack of some of my extra Orioles inserts, parallels and refractors and in return I got the Ripken GU:
A shiny new Markakis Blue Refractor I didn't have:
And a GU bat card of a Hall of Famer:
I wish that my collection was as vast as his to have doubles like this laying around! Thanks for the great cards Mr. Beardman!

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  1. Cal would be proud of how highly people think of Camden Yards: