Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally, My Last MCG Arrival!

Topps finally came through with my last card from my portfolio today. I requested my cards to be shipped on 11-15-10. I originally got 12 of my 13 cards and today the final one showed up in my mailbox! I'm pretty pleased with the card because it is in really good condition considering some of the other beat up junk I've seen shipped out from Topps HQ.
On another note, now that I have this card in my possession, I'm considering ending my boycott of the Diamond Giveaway... We'll see!!!

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  1. Still wating for my 2nd batch. ordered the first batch in jan and all came except 1960 phil rizzuto. 2nd batch I have a 57 Mel Parnell. I have 4 cards in the diamond giveaway. 1979 and 1980 cards so far