Saturday, November 19, 2011

Box Break: 2011 Topps Update

Alright, there's no need to bore you to death with a review of this years Topps Update.  Everybody's seen the design since last fall and we're all familiar with the inserts.  I just want to show the cards I got in case anybody is interested in trading for them.  Here's what I got out of my Hobby box, Hanger box, and Jumbo Rack Packs:

A couple of Cognac shiny legends.  Note the Morgan,  I actually pulled the regular, non-liquor shortprint from my series 2 box bust.
The rightful home run king got pulled from a later retail purchase after I scanned the other 2.
My vintage legend shortprint.  I'm not a Strawberry fan.
My vintage legend shiny shortprint. Not a bad looking card I suppose.
The Hope Diamond shiny.  I'm not really a fan of adding a parallel from past releases into packs.  What if Topps came out with a new parallel for 2009 Topps that was inserted into 2012 Topps Tribute.  Where does the madness end?
Here's my promised big jersey hit.  Clifton Pfifer Lee. Woo!

I was pleasantly surprised to pull a silk card.  These are more rare than the Black or Hope Diamond parallel.

Also, here's the list of the regular subset insert cards that were not worthy of pictorial representation:

Cognac Parallels: 5 Votto, 16 Ramirez, 39 Kennedy, 40 J. Upton, 43 Ryan, 72 Jurrjens, 74 Clippard, 90 Y. Molina, 119 Bay, 127 Volstad, 166 J. Johnson, 171 G Jones, 174 Oswalt, 186 Pavano, 203 Gee, 220 Helton, 226 J. Guillen, 227 McLouth, 232 Moyer, 234 Montero, 245 Walker, 273 D. Lee, 277 Hoffman, 287 Cousins, 297 Jaramillo, 301 S. Smith, 304 Thome, 305 Loney, 312 G Sanchez, 328 Price, 403 F. Hernandez, 445 Talbot, 455 Morrison, 612 Tigers, 651 K. Morales, US4 McCann, US6 Fielder, US31 Granderson, US58 Lincecum, US128 M. Rivera, US131 Keppinger, US146 Walden, US211 Moseley, US229 A.Cabrera, US238 C. Beltran, US242 Holliday, US302 Torres, US306 Phillips, US309 Konerko, US319 Patterson

Diamond Anniversary: US15 Heilman, US43 Quentin, US49 Weeks, US61 Masset, US72 Rasmus, US85 Halladay, US86 Furcal, US101 Downs, US140 Kershaw, US146 Walden, 176 Nady, US230 M. Cabrera, 281 Melancon, US302 Torres

Gold Borders #d to 2011: US3 Beavan, US23 Ruffin, US59 Kemp, US88 O. Cabrera, US95 Overbay, US108 U. Jimenez, US130 Robertson, US134 Bourn, US143 Kimbrel, US145 Colon, US154 C. Lee, US195 Votto, US204 B. Wilson, US268 Y. Molina, US275 Cuddyer, US292 Adams, US294 Jackson, US297 d'Arnaud

Red Bordered: US39 Sanchez, US126 A. Gonzalez

Blue Bordered: US128 M. Rivera, US242 Holliday

Kimball Champions: 106 G. Carter, 107 Uggla, 116 Mize, 120 F. Robinson, 124 F. Thomas, 129 Sisler, 130 A. Gonzalez, 137 J. Morgan, 138 Hornsby141 Dawson(2), 142 R. Howard, 143 Drabek, 145 Hosmer, 149 Cy Young

Diamond Duos: DD1 Hernandez/Pineda, DD-6 Anderson/Cahill, DD-11 Dunn/Konerko, DD-20 Aaron/Bautista, DD-21 Price/Shields, DD-28 Phillips/Kendrick

Topps 60: 104 A-Rod, 105 Hornsby, 110 Fisk, 113 McCovey, 118 Morgan, 121 Reese, 122 Alomar, 124 Henderson, 127 Snider, 128 Thomas, 130 Gehrig, 136 Blyleven(2), 137 Garvey, 138 Maris, 139 Uggla

ToppsTown: TTU-23 Rollins(2), 37 Scherzer, 46 Beltre, 49 Cain(2)


  1. I'd love to trade for the diamond anniversary Kershaw, the cognac Loney. I'd love the Kershaw diamond anniversary, but not sure if I have enough to trade for it.

    I do know I have a cognac Reimold.

  2. I mean, I'd love the Koufax diamond anniversary, but not sure if I have enough.

  3. Hey Ryan. Could you set aside the Seth Smith liquorfractor for our next trade?

  4. I'd love to try and find you something for the Lee & Cognac Moyer.

  5. Ryan,

    I'm sending you an e-mail about the Morgans and some others...thanks.