Monday, November 21, 2011

Group Break Goodies from The Daily Dimwit

While I was away on my Honeymoon, I participated in a Group Break run by Sam of the the Daily Dimwit.  I was able to buy in before I left and the cards were busted while I had no internet access.  When I got home there was a package of cards that I didn't have the chance to see come out of the packs.  Usually when I am in Group Breaks, I obsessively smash the F5 button on my computer to get Blogger to refresh to see what cards might be coming my way.  Lets take a look at the goods:

Sam sent a note that said the this card was a wedding gift.  Thanks Sam for the gift.  It was the only baseball related wedding gift I (we!) got!
I was randomed the White Sox for my second consecutive break.  I think I did pretty well. The bottom Peavy is a refractor.  I have a bunch of White Sox cards I don't need from this and Cards on Cards' Free Fleer Break so Pale Hose fans, step right up and make an offer.
Here's the meat of the break for me.  Two '75 minis, a refractor Ripken, and a popup Brooksie!  I couldn't be happier with these pulls.  I also have a few base Lineage O's extras left over from building my team set.  Any O's fans want them?
I was also lucky enough to get one of the Lineage Box toppers...  I'd love to get this autographed by Vlad one day, but it might be while he's with another team.  It's already a forgone conclusion that he isn't coming back to play in the Charm City next year.

Thanks for another awesome group break Sam!

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  1. I still need 13,174 and 194 for my lineage team set if you have these available. In return I can send some cards from your wantlists.