Monday, November 14, 2011

Trade with Kyle of Just a Bit Outside

When I was still a single man way back when (September), Kyle from the relatively new Just a Bit Outside blog contacted me about a trade.  He was interested in the Aaron Crow autograph I pulled from my Topps Chrome box.  I also threw together some other random Royals cards that I hope he'd enjoy.  Here's just a few notable cards that I got in return:

I'm having some trouble making a decision about which binder to place this card.  Should it go in with my Markakis binder or in with my 2004 Orioles Team Set binder.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.
I'm really digging this card of Jake.  I believe this is his first rookie card that came out in Topps Chrome last year.  I hope Jake has a speedy recovery from elbow surgery and continues his growth as a pitcher.  I think if he can reduce his walk rate, he could become a franchise cornerstone.
I'm going to close with these 2 Paninni stickers from 1988.  I think the stickers speak for themselves!

Thanks goes to Kyle for the nice package that he sent me.

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