Thursday, November 17, 2011

Card Show Pickups: Discount Shopper

I am not what you consider a cheap person when I go to a card show but I will try to get the most for my money.  I didn't go dime box diving like last time but I was able to get the following cards at steep discounts:

I got this nice looking Ripken insert for a mere dollar.  It looks better in person as it has a rainbowy, refractorish, sheen to it.
All of the cards above were in the 50 cent box.  50 CENTS for Triple Threads, Marquee, and Tribute singles.  Ichiro is a favorite player of mine and I think that Pineda has a bright future.
I know its just a plain jane white swatch but I still like it.  This was one of the early GUs as it came out in 2001, right when GU cards were getting popular in the hobby.
Here's one prospecting card of the show.  When I first saw it I thought that the "S" was the only piece of fabric in the card.  Upon closer inspection, I was surprised to see 3 swatches and even a bit of a dirt stain on the "S".  I love to find jersey cards with dirt or grass stains in them.  I can't wait to see what Nick does in his first year in the minors for the O's this season.
I close out with another trio of Triple Threads O's greats that I picked up out of a quarter box.  I was hoping I'd find a Ripken but somebody probably already pilfered that before I dug through the box.

So, as you can see, there are always deals to be had in the bargain bins.  Next up:  Trade Bait!


  1. Nice pickups! Was this a show at Chantilly?

  2. yup - def. nice pulls. my favorites are that brooks robinson and those ediie murrays