Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "New" Orioles jerseys and hats

Earlier today, the Orioles finally revealed their new look for 2012 and beyond.  Take a look:
Here's a picture of the new cartoon bird:
Baltimore Orioles Logo - Cartoon oriole head wearing Orioles alternate cap on white
And a comparison of Cartoon Orioles past with the new one:

I know a lot of people around the Orioles blogs, forums, and websites were really excited in anticipation of a new Cartoon Bird being unveiled.  It will sell a lot of new merchandise but I hope fans don't get the wrong idea and think it makes the team any better.

The new logo is a good mix of both of the old ones but wearing the "O's" hat. The updated feel is nice but I actually hate the "O's" hat and the black alternate jerseys that they only wear on Fridays.  I actually hope this doesn't become the "Official" logo and is only worn on the hats.

I personally don't care for the new Home hats with the white panel.  I think it looks too much like a trucker hat. Leave that crap in the 80's!   I prefer the new Road hats with the all black crown but am still not completely sold.

There is one thing I do like is the official return of the orange jersey.  I'd rather see them wear these on Fridays instead of the goth/emo/hipster black jersey.

I think I don't like the idea of wearing an Orioles hat with an cartoon wearing a hat that I detest.  I'm not in a hurry to upgrade my wardrobe anytime soon.

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  1. I know it's nothing that "new", but I really like the black hat with the cartoon bird. An all black hat would look sweet with it, but I also like the hat with the orange bill. I might have to pick one up, if for no other reason than to look like my boy Adam Jones!