Monday, July 22, 2013

Box Break: 2013 Bowman Hobby

I know earlier in the spring I said I wasn't collecting Bowman sets anymore.  I usually try to sample each set that comes out that interests me just to see what its all about.  Plus, it gives me a good amount of trade bail.  I started off just buying a blaster of this years Bowman.  Then Another, and then some loose packs.  I liked what I saw and fell off the wagon.  I decided since I've collected Bowman for many years now, that I wanted to continue building them.  At the CSA show last weekend I bought a hobby box to help me on my journey to completion.  Here's the spoils:
I really like the Ice parallels.  I could do without the purple and red parallels of parallels though.  I've never seen purple ice in person and red ice only happens in hockey.  I could have done worse than Giolito and Howard so I can't complain about these 2 cards.
This was apparently a Rockies parallel hot box since I got the blue refractor of Max White and the regular blue bordered Shane Broyles.
I think he mini chrome refractors showcasing the top 5 prospects per team is a slick idea.  I got several regulars as well as the blue wave Aaron Sanchez from the Blue Jays.
Aaron Sanchez hot box.  Notice the Same picture was used in this card as the Mini Chrome above.  Albert Almora is a nice prospect that the Cubs are hoarding for stockpile of Prospects.
I had no idea what this card was when I pulled it.  I went to BaseballCardPedia as well as Ebay to do some research.  I'm not sure I understand the point of blue sapphire rookie reprints as a continuity insert set.  I'd rather just see the original border.  Or No Reprints at all.
Here's my big hit of the box.  It's actually a refractor autograph so I can't complain too much.  I'm not really getting "Andrew Aplin" out of that chicken scratch.

I got a lot of decent cards from the box but they are mostly from teams that don't have a huge following.  I'm sure I'll be able to find nice homes for all of these cards eventually.

Here's all my trade bait from 2013 Bowman:

Gold Parallel: 4 Jackson, 6 Freese, 13 Me Cabrera, 19 Middlebrooks, 48 Sale, 49 Price, 50 Pujols(2), 51 Longoria, 53 Montero, 58 N. Cruz, 61 S. Marte, 64 Gallardo, 66 Headley, 89 Nathan, 92 Wright(2), 94 Heyward(2), 96 J Zimmerman, 97 Bumgarner, 98 Holliday, 99 M Montero, 109 Phillips, 131 Hechavarria, 133 Gose, 134 Beachy(2), 136 Jeter, 137 Freeman, 144 Alvarez, 145 Motte, 147 Ortiz, 152 Choo, 153 Beltran, 173 Cingrani, 177 Rizzo, 178 Belt, 182 Stanton(2), 183 Segura, 184 J. Santana, 191 Gordon, 197 Young
Hometown Parallel: 90 Butler, 98 Holliday, 102 Halladay, 144 Alvarez, 178 Belt, BP3 Montgomery, BP6 Salazar, BP7 Hahn, BP28 Muno, BP31 Robles, BP51 Freeman, BP104 Sanchez
Silver Ice Parallel: 98 Holliday, 190 Howard, BP5 Giolito
Purple Prospects Parallel: BP29 Diaz, BP35 Cisnero, BP48 Sanburn
Blue Bordered Parallel: BP96 Broyles #d 177/500
Orange Bordered Parallel: 129 Maronde #d 112/250
Blue Sapphire Rookie Reprint: 1955 Bowman Hank Aaron
Bowman Top 100: BTP-37 Almora, 46 Sanchez, 60 Rosenthal, 73 Webster
Cream of the Crop Mini Refractors: CC-MB3 Morris, MM2 Yelich, NYM1 d'Arnaud, TBR1 Myers, TR4 Gallo, WN2 Goodwin, WN4 Cole
Cream of the Crop Mini Blue Refractor: CC-TBJ1 Sanchez #d 240/250
Prospect Chrome Refractor: BCP15 Gelalich #d160/500
Prospect Chrome Blue Refractor: BCP14 White #d 176/250
Prospect Chrome Refractor Autograph: Andrew Aplin


  1. I wouldn't mind a shot at that Aplin!

  2. I agree, the blue, wood grain border TV is hideous !

    You could start a pile for me with the BP 6 Hometown Salazar though.

  3. I'd like a shot at the Cardinals you got. Email me at if you would be interested. Thanks!

  4. Welp. I think I have a home for that Sanchez...