Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trade with Night Owl

This was a quick and easy trade with the wise Night Owl.  He made it really easy sending me an email saying  I really want these cards and I'll send you these in return.  All I had to do was Print out some postage and send the requested cards and these awesome cards showed up in my mailbox a few days later
I don't see myself opening up any Topps Archives so my chances of pulling this card is very small.  I'm a huge fan of 1960 Topps and this relic card of Nick Markakis is pretty friggin' awesome!
Greg also sent me a few Archives Orioles that are new to me.  This Ripken will go into 1 of my 3 Ripken PC binders (the post retirement one).  I think I've figured out when this photo of Cal was taken.  It was just a case of dumb luck.  I recently bought a 1985 Topps Tiffany All-Star Cal Ripken from Ebay and I had it sitting next to my cards from Night Owl.  I started staring at the cards side by side and I'm pretty sure they were taken at the same time.  The color of the sky and angle of the photo match up almost seamlessly.  While not the same pose, I'm pretty sure they were taken at the same time!  Here, take a look and let me know what you think:  

Thanks Night Owl for the super easy trade and the awesome cards you sent!

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  1. Glad it was so easy.

    Ripken looks odd to me in that Archives card. But he also looks odd in that '85 card. So it's a match!